It is the 25th Century.

Humanity and the Federation they a part of has suffered another wave of Borg intrusions that have once again been successfully rebuffed, with the help of little know race of peoples called the Ameyele.

A species of ingenius builders that have themselves suffered much loss in the prior two centuries, having lost billions to the deprevations of a ravenous species that all but destroyed them....a rebirth emerged, one that infused in them an irreverant love of life and profound preoccupation that they should not allow a repeat of the near Oblivion suffered....

A series of technologies some invented, others discerned from the wreckage of their defeated tormentors which allow them to thrive.

Among them a new semi-stable wormwhole technology, capable of traversing the whole of the known universe..

An audatious plan by the Ameyele to colonize a thousand galaxies with their people so that they may never face extinction again.

..shared with the federation which has decided to establish a beachhead for a possible human wave of colonists to follow in the lead of the Ameyele and asure that no more Borg or any other aggressor can ever be the end of the human race.

Together a fleet of secretly built and deployed Federation Ships with a fleet of Ameyele Ships will journey to a supercluster in the Andromeda Galaxy with rich prosects for life sustaining properties and conveniently distant from most every other part of that galaxy.

What the two discover when they arrive together there will transform them both beyond comprehension.